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Same Sex Ceremonies

I support marriage equality, and I celebrate that Washington, DC, and Maryland have recognized such unions as legal marriages. I happily perform legal marriage ceremonies in the District and in Maryland without regard to the gender or sex of the partners, and regret that such unions are not legal marriages in Virginia.  

Commitment Ceremonies and Services of Union

Where legal marriage between partners is denied by the state on the grounds of the sex of the partner, as in Virginia, I am happy to perform a commitment ceremony or service of union (the name you choose may vary). These do not carry the same legal privileges as a marriage, which I deeply regret.

If I perform such a ceremony for you and your partner, then when marriage is finally legal where you reside, I gladly offer a free marriage ceremony to you at that time. That offer is subject only to my availability on the date you select and is subject to travel reimbursement if the ceremony is more than 90 minutes from where I reside at that time.

Also: You can get a license in DC or Maryland and we can perform a brief official, legal ceremony in that jurisdiction, and then have an unofficial but ceremonial service in a Virginia location, if you have your heart set on a Virginia location for the public ceremony.

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