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Creating and Officiating at Ceremonies

I specialize in creative, customized marriage ceremonies for couples of no particular religious connection, mixed religious backgrounds, or others who want a nontraditional, humanistic wedding service, making your public commitment based on your shared values. I work with couples to create the ceremonies, and I officiate at the ceremonies.

Relationship Coaching

Some couples also choose my relationship coaching package. Are some issues in your relationship you'd rather resolve before the ceremony -- often around finances, communication, decision-making, roles? Or do you just want to raise your relationship skills to a higher level, to enrich your marriage experience?

Other Ceremonies

In addition to wedding ceremonies, I am available for creative and customized commitment services, services of union, renewal of vows, funerals, memorial services, baby namings or welcomings, and other creative life passage ceremonies.


I'm located in the greater Washington, DC, area. Standard fees apply within 90 minutes drive from Fairfax County, Virginia. See the page on "other locations" for referrals to selected colleagues in other parts of the country.

Same Sex Ceremonies

I support marriage equality, and I happily perform legal marriage ceremonies without regard to the gender or sex of the partners.

Commitment Ceremonies and Services of Union

Where marriage between partners is denied under the law on the grounds of gender or sex of the partner, I am happy to perform a commitment ceremony or service of union (the name you choose may vary).

Memorial Services

Memorial Services in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC

Celebrating a Life

One of the oldest human customs is to gather together at the death of a loved one:

  • to face the reality of the loss
  • to celebrate the contribution that person's life made to others
  • to be with supportive others -- family members, friends, co-workers

Creating and Officiating

I work with the family members (sometimes friends) planning the memorial service, to put together and coordinate a moving, inspiring ceremony. Each ceremony is unique.

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